Blues Quest Various Artists - płyta CD XRCD24

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Blues Quest Various Artists - płyta CD XRCD24

BluesQuest Various Artists - płyta CD XRCD24

  • MMXR-24013 NOWOŚĆ!
  • Gatunek : BLUES
  • Etykieta : Mistrzowska muzyka
  • Format :xrcd24 Wyrafinowany cyfrowy
  • Czas : 56 : 35

"BluesQuest" was recorded by pure analog and all tracks were recorded 30ips direct to two track tape. Blues conveys the ability and resonance to touch people's hearts and souls, regardless of specific field. The Blues members are true blues artists and they literally play and express themselves briliantly. We hope you will enjoy it! "BluesQuest"in XRCD24 bring you truly excitment.

 1. Terry Evans/Get Up, Get Ready
 2. Dong MacLeod/One Good Woman
 3. Joe Beard/Dirty Groundhoug
 4. Mighty Sam McCiain/I,m Tired of These Blues
 5. Ronnie Earl,Pinetop Perkins, Calvin "Fuzz"Jones,/Willie "Big Eyes" Smith Country Girl
 6. Bruce Katz Band/The Prowler
 7. Sherman Robertson/Going Back Home
 8. Doug MacLeod/Old Country Road
 9. Robert Lucas/50 Lbs of Bone
 10. Joe Beard/See See Rider
 11. Ronnie Earl, Pinetop Perkins, Calvin "Fuzz" Jones, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith/Ronnie's Blues
 12. Mighty Sam McClain/Somebody Help Me